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Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding (CMOU) Chairman Visits Member States

The Chairman of the CMOU, Mr. Dwight C.R. Gardiner of Antigua and Barbuda, has continued the programme of visiting the Member States of the CMOU in an effort to foster closer collaboration in the continued development of the CMOU. Following the successful 15th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Port State Control Committee (CPSCC), the Chairman visited Barbados and Grenada and is planning to meet with other administrations in the near future.

Mr. Gardiner made his initial stop in Barbados on August 24, 2010 where he took the opportunity to meet with the Hon. E. George Hutson, Minister of International Business and International Transport and Ms. Valerie Brown, Chief Technical Director of the Ministry of International Business and International Transport. The Chairman provide an overview of the CMOU on Port State Control and highlighted

Bahamas maritime Chairman – CPSCC , Mr. Dwight C.R. Gardiner, Hon. E. George Hutson – Minister of International Business and International Transport, MP, Ms. Valerie Brown – Chief Technical Director, Ministry of International Transport and International Business.
the key role of Barbados and in particular that of Ms. Brown in the establishment of the CMOU in 1996. Mr. Gardiner reminded the Minister that Barbados hosted one of the preparatory meetings of the CMOU and that the Secretariat was hosted in Barbados until its relocation to Jamaica.

In addition, it was highlighted that Ms. Brown served as the first Secretary of the organization. The Chairman thanked the Minister for the continued support of Barbados to the CMOU and their participation at the annual meetings. It was also noted at this meeting, that Ms. Brown will be recognized for her sterling contribution to the CMOU at its next Annual Meeting in 2011.

The second stop of this trip was to Grenada to meet with representatives from the Grenada Ports Authority on August 25, 2010. Mr. Gardiner met with Mr. Ambrose Phillip – Director of Maritime Affairs, Mr. Anthony Belmar – Senior Pilot/Surveyor and Mr. Lazarus Joseph – Pilot/ Marine Surveyor, Grenada Ports Authority and took the opportunity to apprise them of the recent amendments to the MOU and ROP and the increase in membership of the CMOU. The Chairman also went on to highlight the need for Member States to fulfill their obligations to the CMOU.


Grenada Chairman - CPSCC, Mr. Dwight C.R. Gardiner, Mr. Anthony Belmar – Senior Pilot/Surveyor, Grenada Ports Authority, Mr. Ambrose Phillip – Director of Maritime Affairs, Grenada Ports Authority

The Secretariat will again be contacting the Member States in the near future to make arrangements for the continued visits of the Chairman. The next visits are tentatively set for Guyana and Cuba in October and November 2010 respectively.

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