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Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding (CMOU) Chairman Visits Member States

The Chairman of the CMOU, Mr. Dwight C.R. Gardiner of Antigua and Barbuda, in continuing the programme of visiting the Member States of the CMOU in an effort to foster closer collaboration in the continued development of the CMOU, made visits to Guyana and Cuba on October 19 and November 8, 2010, respectively.

The Chairman’s first stop to Guyana included a meeting with the acting Director General and senior Management Staff of the Maritime Directorate where he informed them of the recent developments within the CMOU. These developments include the approval of the amendments to the MOU and ROP as well as the new membership of St. Christopher & Nevis to the CMOU. Mr. Gardiner also spoke of the need of Guyana to play a more active role in the CMOU by its attendance at annual meetings and sponsored workshops/seminars of the CMOU.

Guyana Mr. Stephen Thomas – Director, Maritime Safety; Ms. Claudette Rogers – Director General, Mr. Dwight Gardiner – Chairman, CMOU, Ms. Ernestine Vigilance, Director, Administration.
During this visit, the Chairman was also able to meet with the Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, the Hon. Robeson Benn, whereby he presented the Minister with an overview of the history of the CMOU and the role Guyana has played from its inception to present, including chairing the organization from 2003 – 2008. The Chairman thanked the Minister for the continued support of the Government of Guyana to the CMOU.



Guyana Mr. Dwight Gardiner - Chairman, CMOU, Ms. Claudette Rogers – Director General, Hon. Robeson Benn - Minister of Transport and Hydraulics.
He however highlighted the need for Guyana to attend the CMOU annual meetings and to capitalize on all training opportunities (workshops/seminars) which have been offered by the CMOU as training opportunities to add to the capacity building of each Member State’s maritime administration.


During Mr. Gardiner’s stop in Havana on November 8, 2010, a meeting was held with many high ranking members of the Cuban Maritime Administration, including Mr. Oscar del Toro Quesada – General Transport Inspector and Mr. Alejandro Martinez Moreno, Director of Maritime Safety and Survey Directorate. The Inspector General welcomed the Chairman to Cuba and thanked him for his visit. He expressed Cuba’s willingness to continue participating and supporting the CMOU which was a mandate given by the Minister of Transport of Cuba.

The Chairman expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome and words of the Inspector General as well as the contribution of Cuba to the CMOU. In addition, the Chairman noted that Cuba is a leader in the number of inspections of ships and has a high professionalism of its staff. He however noted that the Secretariat has requested viable alternatives for communication and resolve problems that have existed in this regard. Mr. Gardiner stressed the importance of Cuba's participation in the International Maritime Organization (IMO), where decisions are made that may affect, benefit or regulate the work of the Maritime Administrations. He noted that the Secretary General is working closely with countries like Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas which are better able to collaborate with other countries in the area.

The Chairman discussed two other matters of importance for the CMOU including the possibility of hosting the annual meeting of CMOU in either 2012 or 2013 as this issue was discussed at the 15th Annual Meeting held in July of this year. In addition, the CMOU requested the Cuban Maritime Administration to assist with providing training for inspectors in the region who can come to Cuba to prepare. The expenses would be covered by the CMOU.


Cuba Mr. Enrique Pozo – Head Department – Flag State Inspection & Mr. Dwight Gardiner – Chairman, CMOU.
The IG Oscar del Toro confirmed that the CMOU could count on Cuba's cooperation with this last request and requested that Director Alejandro analyze the possibilities together with CMOU and subsequently submit a proposal on how it could be implemented.


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