Development of the CMOU

The CMOU is greatly indebted to the following organizations which made significant contributions to its formation:

  • The Paris MOU which outlined most of the guiding principles
  • The United States Coast Guard offered support in every way possible and still continues to assist the region in terms of training attachments for Port State Inspections and other training initiatives.

The establishment of the CMOU has been rightly regarded as a catalyst for the advancement and development of Maritime Administrations in the Caribbean Region, since Member States were expected to have well established Maritime Administrations precedent to the carrying out of Port State Control. There was also collaboration with IMO and the Port State Control Committee through the office of the Regional Maritime Advisor (RMA) Lt. Cdr. Curtis Roach to ensure that Member States accede to the key International Maritime Conventions. This effort continues through the work of the new RMA, Mr. Colin Young with regional Workshops and Seminars being hosted by the IMO.

It is no secret that Port State Control has been a driving force relative to Flag State implementation. The CMOU on Port State Control remains committed to the eradication of sub-standard shipping not only in the Caribbean region but on a Global level.