Deficiency List

Ship Name Flag of Ship
Inspection ID Deficiency Code Deficiency Description Action Taken
10937 01209, 01201, 01101, 04121, 14503, 14599, 01308, 01220, 10111, 04109, 04110, 05111, 10127, 07113, 08103, 07109 Manning specified by the minimum safe manning document, Certificates for masters and officers, Cargo Ship Safety Equipment (including exemption), Crew familiarisation with Emergency Systems, Garbage management plan, Other MARPOL Annex V, Records of seafarers' daily hours of work or rest, Seafarer, Charts, Fire drills, Abandon ship drills, Satellite EPIRB 406 MHz /1.6 GHz, Voyage or passage plan, Fire pumps and its pipes, Fire alarm, Fixed fire extinguishing installation master instructed to rectify deficiency before departure,rectify deficiency within 14 days,, rectify deficiency within 14 days,