Deficiency List

Ship Name Flag of Ship
Inspection ID Deficiency Code Deficiency Description Action Taken
11229 01140, 01138, 01131, 01123, 01199, 01137, 07103, 03102, 03105, 03103, 01308, 18421, 18499 Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (Part I and II), International Energy Efficiency Cert, International Anti-fouling-System Certificate, Continuous synopsis record, Other (certificates), Civil liability for Bunker oil pollution damage cert, Division - decks, bulkheads and penetrations, Freeboard marks, Covers (hatchway-, portable-, tarpaulins, etc.), Railing, gangway, walkway and means for safe passage, Records of seafarers' daily hours of work or rest, Guards - fencing around dangerous machinery parts , Other (Health protection, medical care rectify deficiency within 14 days,, master instructed to rectify deficiency before departure,