Deficiency List

Ship Name Flag of Ship
Inspection ID Deficiency Code Deficiency Description Action Taken
11618 05109, 05101, 10113, 05111, 04102, 11108, 07110, 03102, 04114, 13199, 01213, 01218, 10109, 11117, 11118 VHF radio installation, Distress messages : obligations and procedures, Automatic identification system (AIS), Satellite EPIRB 406 MHz /1.6 GHz, Emergency fire pump and its pipes, Inflatable liferafts, Fire fighting equipment and appliances, Freeboard marks, Emergency source of power - Emergency generator, Other (machinery), Evidence of basic training, Medical certificate, Lights, shapes, sound-signals, Lifebuoys incl. provision and disposition, Lifejackets incl.provision and disposition deficiency rectified,grounds for detention,, rectify non-conformity within 3 months,, rectify deficiency within 14 days,, deficiency rectified,