Deficiency List

Ship Name Flag of Ship
St. kitts & Nevis
Inspection ID Deficiency Code Deficiency Description Action Taken
11712 02123, 03107, 10111, 11117, 02107, 07115, 04109, 05101, 02199, 09298, 13104, 03109 Wheelhouse door, -window, Doors, Charts, Lifebuoys incl. provision and disposition, Ballast, fuel and other tanks, Fire-dampers, Fire drills, Distress messages : obligations and procedures, Other (structural condition), Other (accident prevention), Bilge pumping arrangements, Machinery space openings master instructed to rectify deficiency before departure,, rectify deficiency within 14 days,, rectify deficiency at next port,, other (specify in clear text in description field),