Deficiency List

Ship Name Flag of Ship
Inspection ID Deficiency Code Deficiency Description Action Taken
11730 01214, 01218, 09223, 01220, 01106, 01140, 01306, 10136, 07113, 07125, 15110 Endorsement by flagstate, Medical certificate, Gangway, accommodation ladder, Seafarer, Document of Compliance (DoC/ ISM), Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (Part I and II), Shipboard working arrangements, Establishment of working language on board STCW convention reference (05010), Fire pumps and its pipes, Evaluation of crew performance (fire drills), Documentation-ISM master instructed to rectify deficiency before departure,rectify deficiency within 14 days,, rectify deficiency within 14 days,, master instructed to rectify deficiency before departure,deficiency rectified,, rectify non-conformity within 3 months,